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Commissions are open! Hello! My name is Ace (they/them/she/her, 23, asexual, college student), welcome to my blog! I like to draw things, so let's find out what I'll fall in love with and draw next!

Is it possible to get a crush on someone you've never met in person and only know through the internet? Apparently it is for my dumbass heart

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I went to high school with my husband but we only really talked on myspace a couple times before he graduated then a couple years later we started talking on facebook before we actually decided to meet up

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All The Time.

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As someone who's soon 2 years in a relationship and was 1 year already in it before seeing my s/o the first time in person: It is possible to fall in love and it is possible to work out. Even if it's sometimes difficult.

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Glad I'm not the only one lmao

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