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Commissions are open! Hello! My name is Ace (they/them/she/her, 23, asexual, college student), welcome to my blog! I like to draw things, so let's find out what I'll fall in love with and draw next!

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An Anonymous user asked:

people ship?? pinky and the brain??

Yeah, apparently their ship name is Brinky. Let em live lmao

An Anonymous user asked:

what tablet do you use? sorry if you've been asked this before!

I can't remember if I've said before anyways so I don't mind answering lmao

I got an Artist 13.3 Pro graphic display tablet! They were having a big anniversary sale and my mom got it for me as a late birthday present!

An Anonymous user asked:

You and your boyfriend sound so cute!

You haven't even heard the cutest shit lmao

We say goodnight every night, I call him lovey and he calls me dovey u3u

An Anonymous user asked:

I have a question about Drea's water powers. What all can she do? You've drawn her controlling water before, but does it also extend to ice? Can she turn water INTO ice? Also, I don't remember if you ever said, but Luca also has mystic tattoos? What are his powers? Thank you!

Ooo I love talking about their powers!

For Drea's, basically imagine a waterbender from Avatar and what they can do. With enough practice, she can do whatever they can! So yeah, she can control ice and turn water into ice! And yes, bloodbending is on the table but as an absolute last resort lmao

And Luca! I don't think I have mentioned his powers :0

His are like electric/magnetic! He can make electrical fields as well as generate electric shocks! Think Kaminari from MHA but wayyyyy scaled down lmao

He can magnetize himself and things around him if he practices enough, and him and Drea together are absolutely lethal. Water and electricity are a deadly combo lol

An Anonymous user asked:

what the HECK did you use on your hair because it lightened a LOT?????

Uhhhh couldn't tell ya, my mom bought me the kit. But when I get home, if I can find the box, I'll let you know! Because it's really good stuff!!

An Anonymous user asked:

Drea's dress looks really familiar...

Maybe because it's a slightly modified version of Scorpia's from She-Ra? lmao

An Anonymous user asked:

will you post pictures when you become the burn man?

You bet your ass

Gimme a few weeks

An Anonymous user asked:

isn't your icon also Dabi? I take it he's your favorite?

It is! And yep!

Husband uwu

An Anonymous user asked:

you took down your gif?

I did, I forgot to sign it and I've been paranoid about my art being stolen ever since it happened years ago lol

An Anonymous user asked:

Goldman! :O is she Jewish?

You're quick!

She's non practicing but she was raised as Jewish, yes! Her dad is Jewish and her mom converted before they were married! :D

An Anonymous user asked:

So Drea gets the bisexual bob cut 👀👀👀

She's asexual

An Anonymous user asked:

we get it. you're getting a tattoo. chill

No!! I'm excited!!

An Anonymous user asked:

can we see what you've colored? :O

I wasn't really planning on posting them lol But sure, have this one! It was the first one I did, mostly because I needed a reference for her uniform that was the full uniform and the colors but I ended up just having fun with it lol

And this is the original! It's from My Hero Academia

An Anonymous user asked:

what do you use to draw?

Not sure if you mean what tablet or what program so I'll tell you both!

For my tablet, it's a wacom intuos!

And my program is Medibang Paint Pro! It's totally free, you can find it here!

An Anonymous user asked:

you make your own references?

Yeah! With DesignDoll, a really neat 3d pose maker! It gives you a blank model to work with and you can change the pose, head shape, proportions, anything you want!

It's super helpful and neat! And it has a free version (which is what I use)! 100000/10 would recommend

An Anonymous user asked:

You're writing Drea's story?

Yeah!! I already wrote out the outline for it, I just need to flesh it out in fic form! And I'm excited to write it out, I just haven't been able to because of work

An Anonymous user asked:

are you like. okay?

Not really, no. I'm sad as hell but I'm surviving

An Anonymous user asked:

what's the commission?

Uhh a dnd thing called a Kobold? Small dragon dude! I'll post the picture when I finish all of them to keep them together!

An Anonymous user asked:

I like how your anatomy has gotten less... bendy!

Thanks lol I stopped tracing

An Anonymous user asked:

are you going to do mermay?

When I get some serotonin back, maybe

An Anonymous user asked:

what's wrong with milk??

I stopped drinking it often when I was 13, so it always smells weird to me

So I can never tell when it's not good

So when I go to make cereal and no one else is awake to smell check the milk for me, I just have to pray it's not bad

And my prayers didn't work this morning

An Anonymous user asked:

Is your favorite Disney movie Princess and the Frog because Louisiana?

Good guess! But my favorite Disney movie is actually Mulan! We used to rent it so much that my my parents just bought me the VHS because it was cheaper lmao

An Anonymous user asked:

why is the burn man so crusty?

He's homeless lol

An Anonymous user asked:

is that not the same guy you've already drawn? what's the difference?

An Anonymous user asked:

what did miraculous do to Felix? what made you salty?

Well the fact that Astruc hates Felix really came out in his premier episode lmao Making him an absolute douche that seems to hate his cousin for no reason?? Impersonated him, sent a really mean video to his cousin's friends, and tried to kiss a girl even after she said no?? Like okay Astruc we know you hate him lol

His design also really irks me because they literally just took Adrien's model and messed around with it. His personality is gone and he just looks like Adrien playing dress up tbh

He had so much potential and they took all that away by basically making him a mean Adrien and I'll forever be salty because of it

Miraculous does hold a place dear to my heart, I met my best friend through it, but doing this with a character that so many fans love is just. Wack

And I promise I'm not bashing the show! It's cute, the characters can be fun, and I still like it! I'm just a salty shit when a creator basically lets fans have free reign over a character but changes his mind and puts the character in the show and makes him a total douche