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Commissions are open! Hello! My name is Ace (they/them, 22, asexual, college student), welcome to my blog! I like to draw things, so let's find out what I'll fall in love with and draw next!

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An Anonymous user asked:

You and your wife met when you were 12? That's so cute!

🥰 thanks!

An Anonymous user asked:

Can you please tag your homestuck posts as "homestuck".

If I recognise it as homestuck I will! But I only really recognise the trolls & like, 2 human characters so there's a chance I might miss a few ;; hopefully won't though

An Anonymous user asked:

Hey, I saw you guys looking at doing CDN stuff - is there a reason you're not using AWS? :o

AWS is a solid solution, and reasonably priced too.

But it wouldn't be very fun, would it?

(Also some stuff about wanting full control of the data and where exactly it is at any given moment, and also because fuck Amazon)

An Anonymous user asked:

There's an xkit extension that lets you block posts on tumblr and would that be possible here? So if we see a post we don't like we can hide it in case someone else reblogs without tags, or to block a really long conversation that goes through several pages of the dash or something?

This is something on the long term plan list, but it's unlikely to be soon.

However, unlike Tumblr, we very much welcome attempts by the community to improve their experience and - if we get popular enough for it to be an actual thing - will test against whatever XKit like tool dominates.

If someone wants to give it a go and write an extension that'll let people block posts in the meantime, feel free to give it a go (we'll most likely end up contributing ourselves)! Give @thelldev a shout if you need certain data exposing in post headers and we'll make it happen. Our only request - while not mandatory - is that any plugin, especially if it's an extensible one with plugins of its own ala XKit - be released under the MIT license or, failing that, GPL v3.

An Anonymous user asked:

Hey Thell, can I ask - what made you decide to convert old posts if they were already working? Isn't that meant to be dangerous?

Oooh, this is actually a really good question!

As a rule, yes - forcing stuff that works to be new without extensive testing is, in a production environment, an absolutely terrible idea.

That's why companies have change management, where IT/developers test stuff for weeks before putting it live - even Windows Updates to make sure it doesn\'t break SAP or whatever outdated inventory management thing they\'re running.

It boils down to three things - RISK, COST, and OPPORTUNITY.

But that's a style that doesn't sit well with me. First, let's make a couple of (essentially true) assumptions about Waterfall and it's team:

  1. At least one of us is available 24/7 to unfuck a fuckening (me).

  2. We have zero budget and need to do everything as cheaply as possible.

  3. We want to keep things simple.

Three assumptions that are, in our case, true. At this point anyone who's ever so much as glanced at this blog knows that I don't have a concept of "down time" - if something breaks, I'll fix it then and there. This reduces the RISK of converting everything.

In terms of keeping the old stuff around, we'd need to expend extra processing power to render the older posts that are still "version 1". By forcing them to convert, we expend more now to save later. In doing so, not only are they faster to render after the fact, but they also take up less space - when I forced the dev server to convert them all, it saved about 40% of the space in the posts table. That means we can stretch both the CPU and storage further, reducing the COST - we won't need more servers quite as soon (in practice, we\'re saving megabytes, not gigabytes - but it adds up over time).

Now, for opportunity. If we have two versions, that's two sets of display code we need to write. Eventually, we'll want to change things again in how they're stored - we already have tentative plans for Posts v3 (which thankfully, won't need a downtime if it happens). What about v4? Every post version, that means we need to write another set of code to render it, increasing cost and risk (since we need to develop, test, and then debug them when they go wrong on both desktop and the apps). But it also means we lose the OPPORTUNITY to improve stuff. If we're locked in to doing things a certain way, we can't do things better. Look at Tumblr - their post system is awful. It's only now that they\'re starting to move to a new one, because they've been so risk averse about it. By forcing stuff to migrate to the new system, we increase our opportunities to do stuff later - we build off one format rather than [x] and - if needed, when ten years down the line someone loads an ancient v1 post - can just send it up the chain, converting each step of the way to the newer formats until it's modernised. Under v1, anything like image captions etc would be impossible. v2 makes them more possible, but the v3 design makes them easy - it just needs a change of data structure. Upconverting gives us the chance to improve.

Now obviously - this sort of cowboy coding isn't going to work forever. Right now, we're still small enough that we can just about get away with it, and you guys know it's a labour of love rather than for pay right now. When we get to 100k users, we will need to test a little more extensively, or when the Commission Market starts earning some decent cashflow - at that point, our fuckups affect livelihoods. When we get to 1 million users, then... well, I'd hope we have the budget to spend the time to test properly at that point.

Essentially though, it\'s about not locking ourselves in - I don't want to be just another site that lets something sit for years in a mediocre state because upgrading it is a hassle. Instead, Waterfall will be the site that adapts and improves constantly - if there's something we SHOULD be doing, I want it to take us weeks, not years.

On balance in this case, the benefits were insanely worth it, and throwing it out and hoping for the best was a good decision in this case (already, the posts database has reduced from 1.2GB in size to 980MB, and less than 1/10th the posts are converted). It doesn't necesarily mean that in future, we'll be as carefree with an update though - just that this one was necesary.

An Anonymous user asked:

I really really love your art, and your writing you did for Miku was soooo good

<3 <3 <3 <3

i never thought i'd get anyone saying they loved my art on a doodle blog. it puts it into perspective - you don't necessarily have to be perfect to be appreciated.

i don't really read fanfic and hence haven't written any, but i really do want to turn that writing into a short fic. there are a lot of things i want to talk about that i didn't get to touch on.

for example, i think of miku as a very empathetic person - so how does she feel always getting the cream of the crop, the best new tech, the most cutting-edge bodies, the most love, the most attention? especially in comparison to those vocaloids who are abandoned or failed, who are included in the vocaloid scene practically in name only, like arsloid or chika?

and conversely, how do those abandoned vocaloids feel about her? and how do they feel about their failure as commerical products? what's it like for you to have failed at your literal only purpose in life? do you blame yourself for not being good enough? do you blame the company that made you for not making you good enough? for bringing you into the world half-baked? do you blame the system of capitalism? is your existence a mistake? or does the fault lie with thinking you need to be successful to have value? and, for that matter, aren't you afraid that one day your company is going to deactivate you forever? and doesn't it hurt to have all this worry wrapped up in you, and then to see the crytponloids going about their lives?

the perspective would probably change with the loid, so this would be a multi-perspective fic (probably one 'loid per chapter.) granted, i have no idea what, say, arsloid's personality is, given that he's a failed vocaloid and i've never had any reason to think about him before now, and the same goes for chika, and merli, and nemu, and so on and so forth...

it would also be neat to explore how utau feel - after all, they don't have the pressure of commercial success weighing down on them. i think... the two people who have it best are probably... defoko and len. defoko has it good because she's literally packaged with the second-most-popular vocal synth available; she's not going anywhere anytime soon, and even though she doesn't have a whole lot of fans, new utau users are constantly being exposed to her. i'm also playing with the idea that she works as a text-to-speech reader - since, after all, her voice is from a TTS program which is still being used today. as for len - my len is heavily influenced by hikusa's len, who is kind of introverted and also really close with miku. given those traits, i think he doesn't really mind being directly in miku's shadow; 1) he knows how stressed and guilty she feels, so he isn't jealous of her, and 2) he doesn't even want to be in the spotlight anyway.


also, how fucked up would it be to be, like, say, rana - whose body is plainly designed to be a child - and to realize that you look like a cute little girl in an industry full of pedophilia? wouldn't that be horrible? i want to talk about that. pedophilia also has some place in discussions with other loids, but honestly, i've aged up all the vocaloids i care about somewhat so i could stop thinking about that, and those are the ages i would go by in any fic i wrote.


anyway. thank you i love you for sending this message <3 <3 sorry to ramble!!

An Anonymous user asked:

I'm sorry, it sounds like you're having a rough time. :( I hope neurotypicals stop giving you trouble, and that you feel better soon.

This made me smile <3

Neurotypicals will never stop giving me a hard time, but that's why I plan to move very far away from them and live out in the middle of nowhere with just me and a million animals.

An Anonymous user asked:

I'm sure you've done it before, but can you explain the patch update numbers to us? They're a little confusing ;-;

Of course! We can break the patch versions into three numbers. We'll go with 0.23.12 as our example.

The first number, 0, is fixed - this is essentially saying "hey, the site is in beta", and is staying as such until we're happy we're at the Waterfall Stable milestone.

"23" is the major version - this number is incremented whenever a patch contains major changes. It doesn't necesarily mean "the number of major features total" - the 6 month and 1 year anniversary updates added 15+ major features each, for example.

"12" in this case refers to the minor version - essentially, bug fixes. If a patch doesn't bring anything we consider major, this gets incremented instead. It resets to zero when we increment the major version.

Waterfall Stable, or "1.0", is reserved for when everything on the 2020 roadmap list is done. We're expecting this sometime between April and June.

We used to just do dated patch notes, but there was a time I was pushing out five or six updates a day and that got unwieldly pretty fast.

An Anonymous user asked:

Will you guys be changing how tag searches are displayed anytime soon? i like one-column scrolling for my dash, but when going through fandom tags, fanart, etc it feels more organic to see results in a grid or in multiple columns - like a showcase. (and it's less exhausting to interact with without scrolling a looooot)

Yes - it'll be coming in update 0.25 (the feature update after tonight's)! That update will also include a generally overhauled search system that'll let you filter by post type and time range, as well as blog archives (which I believe is the last major feature we're missing from Tumblr).

An Anonymous user asked:

I know you guys appreciate positive feedback, but what about negative?

I'd argue that negative feedback is even more important than positive - can't fix a problem if we don't know it's a problem.

The best way to get that to us is in the Discord, so that we can make sure we can ask the questions we need to ask to make sure the thing isn't actually good but we just designed it badly, etc.

Less preferred but still acceptable is sending asks, but negative feedback is very valuable for us to have alongside the positive encouragement!

An Anonymous user asked:

hello when do you plan on fixing the thing where u rb a post and it takes u back to ur dash bcos that is..... inconvenient when ur scrolling through tags to say the least :'D

Not any time soon, that falls under UI stuff which, by necessity, is the last thing we'll be working on, and it's mitigated by just opening it in a new tab.

If one of the others wants to do it BEFORE then they can submit the code but as a concerted team effort, UI is last on the list.

An Anonymous user asked:

have you read the sailor moon manga at all? crystal follows it pretty much exactly, including the werid art style with limbs that are too long and heads that are too thin

I mean, i know Sailor Moon tried to follow manga style, but i don't think manga was THAT disproportionate? It's not only the thinness and long legs which are pretty much present even in 90s anime to some extent, it's about eyes being sideways and arms being as long as hands and weird brown lines. Season three is fine tho

An Anonymous user asked:

I gotta say friend in those 3 dino(??) pics I don't see any difference at all so don't stress yourself too much. You notice cause you're the artist but I don't think the change is as dramatic as you feel it is

Thanks! It's good to know it's not immediately noticable haha, means I can take my time fixing up everything without too much worry!

That said it's not so much an artist thing as an accessibility thing ;; My eyesight's not the best so a slightly blurred image looks really blurred to me, and I'm wondering how it must look to someone with worse eyes than mine

An Anonymous user asked:

When did you know that you liked to draw?

well ive alwayz known dat i like 2 draw rly.. ive alwayz been drawing but thatz a very basic answer !!!!! th reazon i never rly stopped drawin waz coz ov m sibling ^_^ but err when i found out digital art existed (outside ov mspaint) i waz like damn.. wild i gotta do dat... pluz my sibling waz drawing digitally n stuff !!! so err, me, being 9 yearz old. decided 2 beg m mom if i could borrow her laptop n install a free art program (ahem,, the 1 i uze,,, still..) ok not 2 sound like a sponsered video, but, i decided 2 start uzin firealpaca coz i saw a tutorial from an animal jam youtuber on how dey draw w it n i juz ghjhgh

th reazon i bring up digital art tho iz coz thatz when i started 2 draw more frequently n stuff so hghjhgh i think in christmas 2016 (i waz uh 10) my mom got me n my brother our own laptopz 4 some reazon???? i still uze mine,, im uzin it rn 2 type thiz hghjyh n then i think christmas 2017 my dad got me my wacom tablet so uhghjuyhghuh!!!! thoze were,, helpful!

but yah in short, ive alwayz liked drawing but i started doing it more frequently when i started doing digital art!!!!

i had friendz who i showed my art n they thought it looked nice (even though,,, they didnt bcos i was honestly juz a beginner) i /did/ pozt my art online even then but surprisingly i only rly remember 2 timez when ppl were mean abt it so huh!! n honeztly ghhgh ever since i started drawing digitally my improvement every year haz been noticable which iz :)

alzo a bit unrelated? but when i stopped being rly in2 animal jam i switched 2 voltron n bnha (i kno,,, voltron phase,,, T_T) but i basically had 2 start over w my art coz adfhghgfdghhgfQ!!!! HUMANS. that waz mid 2017,,, :'p

An Anonymous user asked:

When I ask a question on anon, I get a notification when the question is anwered. This implies that the question is connected to me somehow; after all, how else would the website know how to notify me? This is kind of concerning, and reminds me of Old Tumblr, where you could install plugins to view the senders of anonymous messages. What kind of systems are in place to prevent this?

I'm completely unsurprised someone was able to make a plugin that would le tyou see that on Tumblr, the site is architected really badly and relies on sending all the info about a post to your browser and letting that figure out how to render it.

We avoid that by just doing the rendering on the server instead and just not sending anything the client doesn't need to know.

With that said, it's a deliberate design choice - both so that you can get the notification, and so that staff can see who sent a message if we need to - if someone starts being harrassed, we're not about to turn around and shrug and say the solution is disabling anon messages.

No site claiming to allow you to send "anonymous" messages will ever mean "even staff can't identify you" because that would be irresponsible and incompetent on their part.

An Anonymous user asked:

what do you count as vaguely friendly :eyes:

If we like basically all of each others posts and occasionally comment on them then we're automatically friends, those are the universal laws

An Anonymous user asked:

If you need some money for the site now but don't want to take donations what about preorders for premium? I'd preorder

TBF that's kind of what the kickstarter was for lmao

The only way RIGHT NOW to give us money is by buying a bunch of blog slots

There is a Kofi floating around out there as well but the link is not on the site for the same reasons given in the previous post about it

Enough folks have asked for this stuff so I mightt make extra blog slots transferrable later so folks can do that in the meantime so you can like... gift them, the same way you'll be able to gift subscriptions

An Anonymous user asked:

i read star-rice's reply to your thing and they actually made a good point - why DID you put the patreon on hold? :o

We made our money on the Kickstarter and since we said premium stuff is coming soon, it just didn't... feel? Right? To keep those up as well. We said we needed [x] amount and we got OVER [x] amount, even if only by a little, so it just personally felt a little shady to keep it running.

There has been more than one person suggesting we bring back the option to donate, even in addition to the premium stuff, and I'd be lying if I said I havn't considered it (everyone on staff is broke af and converted to american rubles, I have like 5 figures of credit card debt lmao) but overall it just sort of felt... not right to have it, I guess. Kinda like we were double dipping.

An Anonymous user asked:

i dont know if its ok to comment about your last post but if so,, its very much not pathetic to just start learning abt crafts n stuff @ almst 30!!!!! any age is a good age to start learning something youre interested in and its never too late to start!!!!!

it's 100% ok to comment or send an ask about anything I post on here so no worries

and thank you for this message. i know deep down it's not pathetic and tbh if a friend in my age-range was trying to get into some kind of art project i would support them with the power of 1000 suns so it's just a block i've gotta work past

i've got a little sketchbook i drew in a few times last year and i think i might make myself do like a weekly doodle or something? just to become more familiar with letting myself create enjoyable things

An Anonymous user asked:

Hello! Which bird do you think is the best around here? I wanna take sick photos to show to my lil sis

Very entertaining and fun to be around. When you're in here, at least.

An Anonymous user asked:

I did NOT take a swim at the locke but I may or may not gotten near enough to see something that didn't look like a fish???? What's up with that

I assure you there is nothing in the Locke but fish and trash (which we are working on cleaning up). There has been plenty of reports of people 'seeing' something not quite fish like but I sure it was simply a trick of the water on your eyes. You probably just saw one of the Locke's very old catfish (bring some fish feed and toss it in and you'll see some of the fish there, they are quite big).

There is nothing odd in the Locke but please feel free to feed the local fish.

-Local Officer Reedford

An Anonymous user asked:

Arethere fishinlocke? Can acat swiminlocke? :3

There are fish in the Locke, it's one of the top 5 fishing spots in OBA, however we don't recommend swim, catfish noodling, or letting pets swim in the waters. The currents are very strong and will pull you pets away and will kill them, unless your pet is some kind of immortal being ( which is oviously not real).

Please don't let any people, children, or pets swim in the Locke. Just go to the river it's hardly a drive from town.

-Local Officer Reedford

An Anonymous user asked:

is a parish somehow different from a county?

Nah it's basically just a county but French lol

An Anonymous user asked:

Why did you remove art credits? :(

  • Folks were confused by it
  • Some folks didn't put anything there (somehow, it was meant to force you to)
  • Didn't really add anything
  • A lot of folks were putting copyright stuff in the caption anyway, making it redundant

An Anonymous user asked:

Hi! Is a "tucute" just another flavor of transphobe? And what is allo in/exclusion??? Sorry if this sounds ignorant!

i would prefer to not be asked about this, as you can find these answers from a simple google search!