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Commissions are open! Hello! My name is Ace (they/them/she/her, 23, asexual, college student), welcome to my blog! I like to draw things, so let's find out what I'll fall in love with and draw next!

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Took a break from working on commissions to draw some sweet babes!

Drea and Luca are my everything, I love them so much!

Commissions are open!

Happy Halloween, have a Drea dressed like Greed!

I've been on a fullmetal alchemist kick lol Even if it wasn't Halloween, this was inevitable

Commissions are open!

All three of Drea's kiddos!

Never drawn them all together before, so I figured it was time!

Commissions are open!

Finally, a compiled reference for all of Drea's outfits!

16 drawings at once took way longer than I thought it would lmao

Commissions are open!

I wasn't much of an artist when I was still super big into Homestuck, so I never drew my favorite boy, but now I have the skills and I'm gonna use them!!

Gamzee has been my favorite character since I first met him in the comic, little clown boy holds a special place in my heart!

Commissions are open!

I don’t usually post sketches, but I like how these look too much to risk messing them up with trying to finish them lol

I wanted to draw Drea in a dress inspired by her turtle form, so here it is! I really love how it looks!

Commissions are open!

Eve is here and I love her!

I've got the other ones in the works, but Eve was the first one I wanted to do so she got done first! I really like how she came out!

Looking at other humanizations, I see a lot of the same so I tried to do some things different from the rest!

Commissions are open!

No speedpaint to go with it, unfortunately, but here's a Drea being all mystic-y!

Commissions are open!

I made myself a little icon for my new channel and I think it's really cute ;3;

Commissions are open!

I commissioned ghost_artsy on instagram to draw Drea and Luca dancing at their wedding and I am!! In love!!

I so so so recommend checking them out, they're a young artist with a lot of talent!! I'm dying, I love these so much ;A;

Credit goes to ghost_artsy on instagram!

(Permission was given by them to post these!)

Finally got around to drawing Drea immediately after Goldie found her!

Or at least, after Goldie found her, got her a shower, and washed her clothes lol

This is a semi-sequel drawing to these drawings (here) and (here)

Her hair is so long and she gives me Kimi vibes and I'm loving it!!

Commissions are open!

The coffee siren is complete! I adore her!

I don't own her design, that privelidge goes to yeennqueenn on Tumblr!

Commissions are open!

I've seen a bunch of people express dislike for Applejack's potential gen 5 designs because they're "too girly" but she gives me Dolly Parton southern beauty queen vibes and I love that!

Commissions are open!

Of course the first drawing done on my new tablet is Drea!

I'm so ready for winter lol If I draw my characters in winter clothing, will that make it come faster?

Commissions are open!

Drawing Drea in new cute outfits and hairstyles is my favorite thing!

Commissions are open!

Chibi icon commissions are now open!

Rules are all the same as ever:

-Getting more than one character adds to the base price, so keep that in mind!


-No gore (mild blood is alright)

-No complicated mech type characters/objects

Email me at if you’re interested!

Funny how changing one thing in Drea’s story effects so many others involved in it

Mirai got a rework!

Commissions are open!