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Commissions are open! Hello! My name is Ace (they/them/she/her, 23, asexual, college student), welcome to my blog! I like to draw things, so let's find out what I'll fall in love with and draw next!

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Villain Drea isn’t one I draw often, but I love her design!

Commissions are open!

This was posted 3 days early on my Patreon!

I’ve actually never drawn Mirai using her powers before!

Girl’s got shadow powers and I love her!

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This was posted 3 days early on my Patreon!

Rewatched the rise finale and I have too many emotions

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This was posted 2 days early on my Patreon!

Felt like doing a bit of an art comparison!

Purple pearl is a gemsona of mine, that drawing was done January 19, 2017

Lovely miss Liz is my most recent OC, her drawing was done January 1, 2021

A lot changes in 4 years lol

New year, new OC!

Her name is Elizabeth, Liz for short but never Lizzie

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Hi my name is Ace and I used to trace but I stopped and my art improved!

Top is from October of 2015, I'd been doing digital art and tracing for 4 months

Bottom is from today, December of 2020, I stopped tracing cold turkey over 4 years ago

I think it's fun to look back on your art sometimes to see how you've improved!

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Took a break from working on commissions to draw some sweet babes!

Drea and Luca are my everything, I love them so much!

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Happy Halloween, have a Drea dressed like Greed!

I've been on a fullmetal alchemist kick lol Even if it wasn't Halloween, this was inevitable

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All three of Drea's kiddos!

Never drawn them all together before, so I figured it was time!

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Finally, a compiled reference for all of Drea's outfits!

16 drawings at once took way longer than I thought it would lmao

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I don’t usually post sketches, but I like how these look too much to risk messing them up with trying to finish them lol

I wanted to draw Drea in a dress inspired by her turtle form, so here it is! I really love how it looks!

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No speedpaint to go with it, unfortunately, but here's a Drea being all mystic-y!

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I commissioned ghost_artsy on instagram to draw Drea and Luca dancing at their wedding and I am!! In love!!

I so so so recommend checking them out, they're a young artist with a lot of talent!! I'm dying, I love these so much ;A;

Credit goes to ghost_artsy on instagram!

(Permission was given by them to post these!)

Finally got around to drawing Drea immediately after Goldie found her!

Or at least, after Goldie found her, got her a shower, and washed her clothes lol

This is a semi-sequel drawing to these drawings (here) and (here)

Her hair is so long and she gives me Kimi vibes and I'm loving it!!

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The coffee siren is complete! I adore her!

I don't own her design, that privelidge goes to yeennqueenn on Tumblr!

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Of course the first drawing done on my new tablet is Drea!

I'm so ready for winter lol If I draw my characters in winter clothing, will that make it come faster?

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Drawing Drea in new cute outfits and hairstyles is my favorite thing!

Commissions are open!

I've been thinking of Mirai's story more and more recently because I changed one small thing in Drea's story and that just created a domino effect lmao

And now I have like. 5 new characters that are related to her because of it

Nanna - Nice old lady that ran the orphanage August left Mirai and Drea at, everyone's grandma, "have you eaten today? come in, I'll make you a snack"

Cynthia - Mirai's adoptive mother, wears bedazzled tracksuits, high society New Yorker, "how much could one banana cost, like $10?"

Johnathan - Mirai's adoptive father, doesn't golf but dresses like he's going golfing all the time, probably wears a fanny pack, high society New Yorker, "it's not illegal to park here, you just have to pay the fee"

Reighlynn (name might change) - Mirai's adoptive sister, she's like 13 and wears high heeled ugg boots, "daddy, I wanted a blue car, not a red one!"

Bradleigh - Mirai's adoptive brother, dresses like Lucky Luciano (you know I had to do it to em), 10 years old and a little brat, "my father will hear about this!"

Mirai's adoptive family is very wealthy and I won't lie, they went to the orphanage intent on adopting a child outside of their own race for diversity points. They're not terrible people, just stuck inside their own bubble with a naive sense of how the world works

They really do love Mirai and treat her as their own, but they don't believe her when she says that she had a sister and that she's missing. They treat it like she had an imaginary friend as a kid and hasn't let go of it, but Nanna has the proof to back up Mirai saying she had a sister