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Xosa Rising [Sketch Dump]

Some sketches for the Roll20 campaign I'm in, Xosa Rising. My PC's name is Tez (he's the sky blue themed tiefling). I doodled our party and Tez's family. Tez has an older brother named Thelius, an older sister named Cremine, and a twin named Nel. :]

The party consists of:

A triton bard named Ritz

An aasimar fighter named Morrigan

And a wild magic sorcerer named Liss

Parnassus, Drea's oldest kiddo!

The only actual human of the bunch lol He's adopted and super chill about being raised by and around mutant turtles and other mystic oddities

Commissions are open! Chibi commissions are open!

Gymsona [Pokemon]

There was a cool tag for Gymsonas goin around on twitter and tumblr, so uhhhh I sketched mine out

I'll never get tired of drawing Drea in this outfit! It's my favorite!

Chibi commissions are open!

I couldn't decide on which hairstyle for Drea I liked better for this, so I did both!

Chibi commissions are open!

Took a break from working on a commission to draw more Drea!

Commissions are open!

Made a Sonic self-insert/OC, just for fun!

Macintosh the Deer.

One of my favorite people just had surgery so I drew their OC to cheer them up! His name is Percy!

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An Anonymous user asked:

there's a reason behind Drea's hair cut?

Yeah! If you look at her turnaround refs, her belt buckle becomes a hair clip.

This won't make a lot of sense if you haven't watched rottmnt, but she made it herself out of mystic metal! She made it to emulate Draxum's helmet.

But because of some stuff that happens, the mystic metal belt buckle is taken away from her. Without the hair clip, her hair would just be all over the place, so she modified her human appearance to have shorter hair!

Also, at least to me, haircuts hold a lot of meaning. Draxum pretty much abandoned her at the worst time, so she doesn't even try to find him to work for him again. Moving on from the past (working for Draxum) and starting over, cutting her hair to be shorter than what his is, taking control of her own life.

Haircuts are important to me lol I don't know if all this made sense.

TLDR; Drea having shorter hair symbolizes her moving on from the past and taking control of her own life

Deck them halls because I'm back at it again with more chibi Drea!

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This just in: Local mom ready to throw hands at PTA meeting

"Your lemon bars are shit and everyone knows it, Karen"

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In Drea's story, she does end up with 3 kids when she gets older. Of course I had to draw her older with Momâ„¢ energy lol

More Drea in her 80s outfit because I'm loving it!

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