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Commissions are open! Hello! My name is Ace (they/them, 22, asexual, college student), welcome to my blog! I like to draw things, so let's find out what I'll fall in love with and draw next!

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Parnassus, Drea's oldest kiddo!

The only actual human of the bunch lol He's adopted and super chill about being raised by and around mutant turtles and other mystic oddities

Commissions are open! Chibi commissions are open!

I'll never get tired of drawing Drea in this outfit! It's my favorite!

Chibi commissions are open!

I couldn't decide on which hairstyle for Drea I liked better for this, so I did both!

Chibi commissions are open!

Took a break from working on a commission to draw more Drea!

Commissions are open!

In Drea's story, she does end up with 3 kids when she gets older. Of course I had to draw her older with Mom™ energy lol

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Back at it again with more chibi Drea!

This outfit is for an AU that I'm pretty much obsessed with at the moment so of course I had to draw it again!

Chibi commissions are open!

There's a reason Donnie is my favorite

I tried to attach this to a text post but it wouldn't let me on mobile so have it here!

These boys are so good, they're doing their best and I love them so much!! 💖💜💙💛

An Anonymous user asked:

can you tell us a bit about drea??? i like her jewel thingy

Oh totally! I love talking about her! :D

To start off, you need to know that she's an OC for the newest ninja turtle series, Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

She is normally a mutant turtle (leatherback sea turtle!), created and raised by the main baddie of the series Baron Draxum. She was the first successful mutation by Draxum, made with a different human's DNA than the main turtles so she's not related to them and she's also not a natural born fighter

I call her necklace a disguise amulet (I think the term used in the show is cloaking brooch), it makes her appear human! In her main story, she only really uses the brooch when she has some kind of mission or assignment and she has to appear human to accomplish a goal. It's not perfectly functional, though. Both of her eyes were meant to be brown, but something in the brooch's programming or function is jacked so her eyes are two different colors. But she likes the look so she doesn't complain lol

Ummm she's 16, she was made and raised to fight to take over the surface

Oh! Her weapon is a polystaff, one weapon that can change into many different ones!

I highkey ship her with Donnie, I love them a lot and I call their ship the DonDrea train

She's wicked strong (the result of strength enhancing experiments from Draxum)

On her ref sheet, one of the turnarounds shows her with tattoos on her arms! These are mystic tattoos that let her manipulate water!

Her battle shell was made by Draxum because of her being a leatherback, she doesn't have a hard shell like other turtles, and a mishap during training when she was young left her with scars. The battle shell has 6 spider legs that have a few different functions that I'm not sure how to describe, I'll have to draw it out some day

I have a million different AUs for her lol but this is all I can think of for her main actual story so far!