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If I haven't convinced you to watch rottmnt yet, then please consider the following:

Thanks for coming to my TED talk

And a part 2 to this post because these characters just deserve a post of their own

Again, under the cut because it'll be long lol Won't get into spoilers but I will give brief summaries of them

Big Mama: My favorite lady, strong independent woman who don't need a man, makes up words

Foot Clan

Foot Clan Lieutenant: Voiced by Pinky from Pinky and the Brain, origami man, supportive boss to his recruits

Foot Clan Brute: Voiced by The Brain from Pinky and the Brain, Lorge, also a supportive boss to his recruits

Foot Recruit: We don't know her real name yet, Determined, just wants to impress her bosses with her skills

Evil League of Mutants (yes that is eventually their team name because they're nerds)

Baron Draxum: Main baddy, voiced by John Cena, Warring Warrior Scientist, has precious gargoyle henchmen that sit on his shoulders (Huginn and Muninn), sheep man, salty af over a lot of things

Warren Stone: His "villain name" is just his normal name because he's a nerd, loves himself, loves his hair

Meat Sweats: Gordon Ramsay if Gordon Ramsay was mutated and wanted to eat everything

Sando Brothers: Always seen together, crab bros, Bro Bros, himbos

Hypnopotamus: Coran Coran the gorgeous man, magician, can and will cut you in half

Repo Mantis: Actually gave himself that name, wears a belt but no pants what a nerd, greaser I guess?

Just because I can

I'm just gonna casually list all the reasons why Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is so worth watching because I constantly need to scream about it

This is gonna be long so I'll put it under a cut lol

The ladies are spectacular!

John Cena villain!!

The designs of the turtles!! They're so fun!! They're all different species of turtle too! Raph is a snapping turtle, Donnie is a softshell, Leo is a red eared slider, and Mikey is a box turtle!

SPLINTER! I cannot tell you how much I love Splinter in this series!! He's like an actual dad now and he loves his boys so much!

It's just. Such a good show. The turtles really feel like a family, they truly act like siblings and they care for each other. There's so much character growth and ugh I just love it so much please watch it, you won't regret it