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Commissions are open! Hello! My name is Ace (they/them, 22, asexual, college student), welcome to my blog! I like to draw things, so let's find out what I'll fall in love with and draw next!

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15 : C A K E (Chocolate mostly. All hail chocolate.)

23 : I want to be a writer!

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Some of y'all don't understand that a romantic relationship has other elements than physical closeness to be romantic and it shows.

angelicaphelion -

I hope I phrased this correctly gdksgksd

Media: Here are two characters. They are clearly in love because of the way they act and the things they do for the other person, without ever explicitly stating that they are in love or kissin or fucking.
Some People: But clearly they are not in love because they haven't kissed or fucked.

And. Maybe its the quoiro/ace in me. MAYBE that's it. But I'm? Lowkey angry when that happens? Because romantic relationships dont NEED physical closeness to be romantic. HECK I love a romantic relationship WAY MORE if it's conveyed through actions and speech rather than physical closeness/kisses/sex!

I don't have a point to this post. Physical closeness isn't everything in a romantic relationship and that's that on that.

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I love pastel outfits on boys (especially on me) but I also hate seeing that coupled with bdsm and other fetishes ._.

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You're very pretty.

Thank you baby, I'm really self-conscious but I guess if an anonymous person on waterfall says I'm good...

Shit I gotta take that huh

okay which one of yall was it?

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tweet by Brian Wecht @bwecht. it reads:

I'm in a diner in suburban NJ listening to two older guys discuss in great detail the many, many differences between dirt in Georgia and dirt in New Jersey. Color, texture, consistency - they're coveringit all. I love this SO MUCH

end ID]

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cashier: thank you

me: thank you

cashier: thank you

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me, standing behind you in line: thank you

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i have a confession to make

cosmogony -

i...have never finished playing ffvii..... [hides]

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nothing to be ashamed of ;u;

it is a hellishly long game if you're not like, using a game-trainer/editer to speed it up or something

i offer: my gf played the whole ass game (steam version) right up until the second-to-last fight. she had to go do something real quick so she alt-tabbed instead of pausing, but we were playing full screen which doesn't support alt-tab so she couldn't get back into the game and she hasn't touched it since bc she's mad about it

cosmogony -

that's AWFUL oh my god i would be mad too if that happened to me

btw thank you for being so understanding ;;_;; i swear i'll resume playing it one of these days.....

vii -

right!!! and this was back in 2014 and she's STILL MAD but we're gonna try and play through it again some time soon and this time we know to Just Pause huhuhu

and hey, it's all good! honestly, if someone's a jerk about you not having finished or played/read/watched something at all, that's a Them Problem. you can take your time with these things! ouo)b whether that be bc you're busy, or just not feelin it for a while. with older stuff it's hard to avoid spoilers etc sometimes bc story points and stuff become just communal knowledge in some groups, but like. 

playing games should be fun! and you deserve to have fun and not be made to feel bad about doing things at your own pace.

cosmogony -

she's been mad about it for 5 years and she's VALID

agreed! i honestly despise gatekeepers. videogames are meant to be fun and entertaining, and i shouldn't be feeling guilty if i haven't played something yet or if i only watched a playthrough because i didn't feel like going though hours and hours of boss fights!!!!!

let! us! have! fun! 

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9 hours? In America some people work 12 hour shifts, my stepdad does every day and it's rare for him to get a day off.

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Fucking hell what

Are you guys OK over there


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brb sending the queen to retake teh colonies and save you all

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Bich what's ur fursona

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The Most Official fursona i have is this self insert cat person

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it was imperative 2 doodle em,,,

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oh my G O D

"Pay what you wants" sketch commission for @velcrokitty of their character (robin, left) and their friends @grumpymonday (eric, right)


These boys were a lot of fun to draw. hope I did them justice. 


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something i want to stay away from if my funnyman-ness reaces beyond 100 followers is self deprecation and humour that puts my own self down because i survived and surpassed my depression by ditching that shit faster than gods revolver

itll make me less relatable but the hot tea is that being your own enemy via something you consider a coping mechanism will Destroy you

thats why ill never resort to self deprication on this blog, for all our sakes